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The new Sustainable Development Report

A decade of commitment
Guerlain has published its new Sustainable Development Report. It offers a chance to look back over a decade of achievements, innovations and ambitions on the part of a House that placed corporate responsibility at the centre of its creations and the heart of its strategy from a very early stage. An opportunity to share the vision – for tomorrow and the next ten years – of a company that is mindful and respectful of society as a whole.

It is also an opportunity to give a voice to those who, within our teams or as partners at our side, help to implement our environmental and social programmes on a daily basis.

This corporate social responsibility is driven by all Guerlain staff members worldwide, who play a full, active role in our initiative, and is structured around six key issues:
- biodiversity
- eco-design
- social responsibility
- transport
- responsible procurement
- eco-responsibility

“Being committed to a more sustainable world, taking the culture of the good and the beautiful to even greater heights, and passing on a wonderful legacy to future generations…
In the Name of Beauty.”

Laurent Boillot,
President and CEO, Guerlain
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