More than a tradition, Guerlain offers us an event each year to celebrate the month of May: a new numbered limited edition of Muguet. For the 2013 vintage, Guerlain invites Créanog – a Parisian atelier specialised in the art of paper sculptures – to express its talent on the iconic Quadrilobe bottle.
This project led to a sumptuous engraving: immaculate white paper on which delicate sprigs of lily of the valley bloom with bell-shaped flowers. Created by a “Maître d’Art” – an honourable lifelong distinction given to craftsmen with unique know-how –, this small masterpiece of precision brings out all the splendour of this good-luck charm that is as exclusive and luxurious as it is fleeting.
Only 1,439 numbered bottles worldwide.


A fresh and floral fragrance: an enhanced lily of the valley note dressed up with accents of bergamot, jasmine and rose, which elegantly announce the arrival of spring.

Perfumer secrets

Passionate about artistic creation since 1828, Guerlain makes the most of the indispensable spring event of the 1st of May to highlight a rare and precious art trade.
Each year, Guerlain invites artistic craftsmen to express their know-how and creativity to pay a continuously renewed tribute to the Muguet fragrance.