With Terracotta Sun Protect, Guerlain has created sun care, Terracotta style.
Intelligent: whether in the city or on holiday, the skin has ""triple protection"" from UV rays, photo-ageing and the harmful effects of pollution*.
Immediate: Tan Booster complex to accelerate the tan*.
Irresistible: clear your mind and drift away with an incredibly voluptuous skincare texture and a delicious fragrance of tiaré blossom, which is water- and moisture-resistant.
Available in SPF 15 and 30
* In vitro test on ingredient


Its Tiare flower fragrance leaves a gentle scent on the skin, instantly sweeping you away to an exotic far-off paradise… Deliciously pleasant after a day in the sun.
The senses are awakened, transported to a faraway land.


An incredibly sensorial moisturising texture:
Skin is lastingly moisturised and nourished for 93% of women*
Sensation of ultimate comfort on application for 90% of women*
Quickly absorbed for 93% of women*

Triple and lasting protection:
Skin is ideally protected for 97% of women*
Resists water and the highest temperatures for 90% of women*

An enhanced, activated tan:
The natural tan is activated and boosted for 80% of women*
The tan is enhanced for 80% of women*


Selected UVA and UVB filters: highly effective to protect the skin against photo-ageing and sunburn.

Natur’ Protect* complex: composed of shea polyphenols, natural ingredients extracted from the bean of a sacred African tree, this complex gently neutralises polluting particles in the environment (nicotine, chlorine, exhaust fumes, etc.) to purify the skin*, thereby helping to further intensify your tan.

Guerlain’s Tan Booster : derived from the carob tree, an age-old tree from the Mediterranean region, helps to boost the natural production of melanin *. The tanning process is activated before, during and even after sun exposure. Day after day, your tan is intensified, extended and enhanced.

Directions for use

Apply Terracotta Sun Protect generously to the face and body before sun exposure. To maintain maximum protection, re-apply frequently, especially after perspiring, swimming or towel-drying.
Please Note :
Do not stay in the sun for too long, even if you have applied sun protection.
Reducing the quantity of product applied significantly diminishes the level of protection.
Do not apply to children and do not directly expose babies and young children to the sun.
Overexposure to the sun is a serious threat to health.