Gloss d’Enfer colours and shapes the lips for a deceptively innocent, daringly glossy and deliciously provocative smile. Its soft, fine, non-sticky texture glides over lips like a veil. Three new, Limited Edition metallic shades will light up your lips for the festive season.

Formulated with botanical and mineral oils, Gloss d’Enfer maintains lips soft and moist. Intensely luminous, it guarantees a shimmering, pumping up and shaping finish.

The applicator is intuitively designed so you can effortlessly outline and define your lips contours. It features a mini-reservoir to deliver just the right amount of gloss from the very first application.


The delicate, light “floriental” vanilla fragrance leaves its incomparable mark on Gloss d'Enfer.
The top notes sparkle with a lemon, orange and bergamot accord.
The rose and iris heart exudes softness.
The vanilla and tonka bean dry-down gives Gloss d'Enfer all of its intensity.


Mineral and botanical oils contained in Gloss d'Enfer’s formula maintain the lips moisturized, soft and shapely.

Directions for use

Apply several coats of Gloss D'Enfer to achieve greater intensity.