I am the most International of Parisians.
For the time of a limited series, I dress in blue, white and red stripes and become the mischievous standard-bearer of French glamour.

In the perfumed wardrobe of La Petite Robe Noire, I am the Stylish Dress, ’So Frenchy’ collection, Autumn/Winter 2020.

Irresistibly chic and whirling, this Gourmand Floral deliciously blends a candyfloss note with the vanilla and Bulgarian rose of which Guerlain is so fond.


Gourmand Floral
Gourmand, Unforgettable, Surprising.

- A candyfloss accord enhanced by vanilla and Bulgarian rose essence from the Guerlinade.
A dash of bergamot paired with a blueberry note, reveals all of the fragrance’s energy.
- Soft white musk and a woody sandalwood-patchouli accord with a stunning sillage that makes the scent unforgettable.


Blueberry, Rose, Candyfloss note, Sandalwood

Perfumer secrets

“In its way, a perfume is an invisible dress, playing on us dressing ourselves to reveal our personalities.” Thierry Wasser, Guerlain Perfumer