Your fragrance Bois Mystérieux Eau de Parfum in the emblematic Golden Bee Bottle.

Unique and audacious, Bois Mystérieux, a creation by Thierry Wasser, Perfumer of the Guerlain Maison, is a modern interpretation of the concept of exoticism.

Dark is the night... A deep night that only unveils its radiance through its intensity, adorned with touches of cedar, patchouli and myrrh.


Leather. Bold, unique, audacious.


Atlas cedar wood, leather note, myrrh

Perfumer secrets

The saffron note, specially created by Thierry Wasser for the Déserts d’Orient collection, is subtle and facetted, spicy and leathery, like all Oriental treasures.

It is an extremely precious raw material, as these flowers have a very short life span of about 48 hours: an ephemeral treasure.

Ideal for men and women alike.