Feminine. Masculine. Why choose? LUI is a fragrance that likes to blur the boundaries. Not entirely feminine, nor truly masculine, it is both at once. Inspired by a generation that is breaking free from gender norms, Guerlain had the idea of an unmistakably universal fragrance.
Its ambiguous fragrance trail is based on benzoin: floral, spicy and woody in turn, this resin is revealed in all of its complexity as the composition created by perfumer Delphine Jelk unfolds. Fused with powdery and spicy carnation accents, they form an equally unexpected and harmonious blend.

Your fragrance Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum in the iconic white Bee Bottle. The Bee Bottle was created in 1853 by the glassmakers Pochet & du Courval for the Eau de Cologne developed for the Empress Eugénie. Its tile shapes, inspired by the dome of the Vendôme column, are decorated with 69 bees, symbols of the empire.


Spicy woody floral
Unexpected. Sensuous. Contemporary.


Carnation - Benzoin - Leather

Perfumer secrets

Thierry Wasser and Delphine Jelk wanted to surprise us with an unexpected, gender-blending fragrance: LUI is ambivalent by nature, inherently complex. However, its character is best revealed on contact with the skin. A unique alchemy is created, sometimes distinguishing the scent with its enveloping powdery floral notes, and sometimes with the depth of its leathery, woody and spicy effects.