The Maison Guerlain has offered to the American street artist JonOne its one-litre Bee Bottle as a canvas for expression.
The result: 3 emblematic fragrances, 3 worlds of colour that directly evoke the emotion, the raw materials and the personality of each composition. Drawing from the richness of his practice and his personal history, JonOne has invented his own vocabulary of colours that expresses Shalimar (blue tones), La Petite Robe Noire (pink tones) and Rose Barbare (orange tones). Created in the artist’s atelier in Paris, each bottle is unique, a veritable marvel of abstraction and energy created individually and signed by JonOne. These exceptional one-off pieces, daring and wildly arty, are numbered and limited edition bottles.


Chypre Floral.
Mysterious, caressing, sumptuous.
The fragrance Rose Barbare is an unexpected interpretation of the queen of flowers, because it combines the essence and the absolute of rose, leading us to surprising shades of honey, peach and forest floor. A beautiful and rebellious rose to heady accents.