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  • L'Institut Guerlain

L'Institut Guerlain

68 Champs-Elysées

Guerlain believes that skincare is an art form.
Since it was founded, L'Institut Guerlain at 68 Champs-Elysées has been nurturing unique, expert and pioneering know-how, combining traditional treatments with constantly updated breakthrough techniques.
Its Made-To-Measure treatment is a foray into a haven of tranquillity that awakens the senses. Its new treatment menu, inspired by its muse, the Parisienne, is an invitation to a host of sophisticated beauty delights..

Ultra personalised experience

Guerlain believes it is vital to take the time to understand each requirement and each desire, in order to deliver an unforgettable beauty and well-being experience. Nutrition, exercise, stress, skin diagnosis, etc. Nothing is overlooked.


Extraordinary combinations of traditional massages – recognised as the most effective in the world – and innovative gestures, Guerlain's aesthetic techniques have been fine-tuned with specialists from around the globe.
This daring approach sets the scene for constant creativity.


Guerlain treatment is also concerned with sophistication. Before starting the treatment, the Guerlain Beauty Expert will ask you to choose an aromatic theme that will infuse the room with a relaxing scent.
This multisensory experience artfully combines effectiveness and pleasure.

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