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Rose Nacrée du Désert

Eau de Parfum

An intense rose, an established mystery

Rose Nacrée du Désert showcases a magnificent Persian Rose specially selected by Thierry Wasser. Its characteristic essence gives a delicate, clever feel to this composition in which oud wood accord with smoky and amber accents finds full expression. Subtle and voluptuous, it represents a continent where beauty is tangible from the first promise of dawn.
The Déserts d’Orient fragrances are housed in simple, streamlined bottles gorgeously illuminated by a shower of gold, like a symbol of riches: a sign of belonging to a world in which this precious material has always been given pride of place.

Woody Floral.
Rare, reassuring, rich.
Top notes: saffron note, Persian rose, patchouli.
Heart notes: cardamom, curcuma, cedar wood, oud accord.
Base notes: myrrh, benzoin.

Persian rose, grown in Iran, was used in this fragrance, marking its debut in perfumery. This very woody saffron-like rose melds with an oud wood accord, composed of patchouli, gaiac wood and a dry amber note, created by Thierry Wasser.
Ideal for men and women alike.

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