Mistreated by changes in the weather, pollution and strain, the skin becomes weakened and imbalanced. Discomfort, redness, dryness and skin reactivity appear. Guerlain has combined its knowledge of the power of flowers with its cosmetic know-how in this repairing and protective face Serum.
Highly concentrated in Calmitine-S, an unprecedented combination of protective and soothing active ingredients* that calms and protects the skin, this serum also contains lily extract known for its calming and soothing benefits.
Finally, enriched in moisturising agents, it maintains the skin's natural moisture levels.
SOS Serum acts like a protective veil on sensitive skin, preparing it to receive extremely high-performance skincare.

*In vitro test


From the very first applications, it soothes the skin's instant reactivity, thanks to anti-irritant agents. Day after day, it strengthens the skin, helping it to reinforce its natural defences.

Directions for use

Morning and evening before using a skin care product, apply SOS Serum to the face and neck.