Born from the exceptional repairing power of bee products, a custom-made youth program :
- The Youth Serum (50 ml)
- The Day Cream Normal to Dry Skin (7 ml)
- The Up-Lifting Eye Care (5 ml)


Instantly 90%* women observe that their skin is more beautiful
Visible results in 7 days only
Observed by women
The skin seems visibly repaired
+16%** lift aspect
+11%** firming
Approved by dermatologists
Wrinkles and fine lines are globally smoothing out
+30%*** smooth aspect
+32%*** elasticity
In 1 month
Skin smoothing96%****
Complexion homogeneity92%****
Firmness – elasticity 87%****

*satisfaction test, 52 women, one application - **self-evaluation, 60 women, 1 trial week with twice daily application - ***clinical evaluation, 32 women, 1 trial week with twice daily application - ****satisfaction test, 52 women, 4 trial weeks with twice daily application

Directions for use

Apply the Abeille Royale Serum following this 4-step method, performed in symetry, always from the middle of the face to the sides:
1. The jaws : Apply the serum with fingertips, from the chin to the earlobes.
2. The cheeks : Glide the fingertips from the nose to the temples.
3. The forehead : Smooth with fingertips from the middle to the sides of the face.
4. The final touch : Use the fingertips to make circular movements from the eyebrows to the nose, avoiding the eye contours.