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Online Exclusive
Eau de parfum (See 1/1)
Eau de parfum (See 1/1)
Online Exclusive

Oud Essentiel Eau de parfum

A unique olfactory encounter between East and West.

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To create the new fragrance in the Absolus d’Orient collection, Guerlain Perfumer Thierry Wasser drew his inspiration from the unique and precious Oud wood : Oud Essentiel. The fragrance is a majestic celebration of this rare ingredient which reveals its true strength and sensuality.
Both mellow and intense, this woody leather fragrance blends the mysterious notes of leather and Frankincense and the sweet notes of Bulgarian Rose in a subtle alchemy.
A unique olfactory encounter between East and West.


Leather Woody.
Somptuous, charismatic, seductive.

Top notes: Saffran notes, Pelargonium.
Heart notes: Agarwood, Rose, Atlas Cedarwood.
Base notes: leather note, incense, Gaïac wood.


Oud Wood - Leather - Rose

perfumers secret

Oud wood is a rare and precious raw material carefully enclosed in the heart of Eden-like forests.

An ancient treasure hidden from view, its fortuitous formation in a handful of trees is nothing short of mystical.

This sacred gift imparts all its rich bounty to the new Guerlain fragrance.