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Eau De Cashmere - Eau de Toilette (See 1/1)
Eau De Cashmere - Eau de Toilette (See 1/1)

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A new fragrance ritual for your cashmere.

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A unisex fragrance to spray directly on your favourite jumper or scarf, for the ultimate touch of elegance. Perfumers reveal their latest secret to scenting your favourite items of clothing. This original and unique way of applying perfume can be used with any scent from the l'Art & la Matière collection, for an irresistibly elegant fragrant trail.


A unisex fragrance, with powdery notes and an elegant trail that envelops you in its softness. Fresh notes of bergamot and mandarin, mingled with the soft noble powdery notes of iris and lavender.
Then the reassuring elegant trail given by the wood notes of cedar, vetiver and musk.


perfumers secret

L'Eau de Cashmere is a new ritual created to enhance your signature scent. Designed to be worn with any of the fragrances from the Art & Matière collection, it gives a twist to your perfume, adding a gentle, woody note that is both enveloping and reassuring. A perfumer’s secret reserved for those in the know, offering a unique fragrant trail.