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Eau de Bain - Eau de Toilette (See 1/1)
Eau de Bain - Eau de Toilette (See 1/1)

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The delights of a relaxing interlude

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Guerlain is reinterpreting the delicately refined ritual of scented baths. An invitation to a deliciously relaxing interlude, Eau de Bain accompanies and prolongs these moments of well-being through a unique perfume step with a host of possibilities. Gently pour a few drops of this soothing fragrance into bath water or spray onto towels for the promise of a moment of luxury just for you.


Musky fresh.
A relaxing unisex fragrance inspired by the “Les Délices de Bain” collection. Eau de Bain fuses the sparkling energy of bergamot with the delicacy of an orange blossom note, set off with the freshness of a blend of green and lemon notes. This soothing sensation, paired with the gourmandise of almond, melts into an enveloping cocoon of white musk, vanilla and woody notes.


Bergamot – Almond – Orange Blossom

perfumers secret

Your well-being companion, Eau de Bain lifts the senses and provides a unique feeling of calm. Add a few drops of the fragrance to your bath or spray into the steam of the room to enhance the comfort of these moments of relaxation. A delectably peaceful interlude that can be prolonged by perfuming your towels.