The spirit of exploration figures at the heart of our history. Exploration is synonymous with audacity, innovation and savoir-faire, an invitation to create and surpass limits. For more than 180 years, this spirit has nourished our insatiable quest for Beauty.

When we look ahead, we see a future of shared opportunities, diversity and development. Our heritage has an exciting future, and that future is yours.

Joining Guerlain means being part of a unique Maison and embarking on a compelling human adventure inspired by the shared values of teamwork and surpassing one’s limits. When you join Guerlain, you embrace our vision of taking creativity to new heights and enchanting our customers. This vision is what unites our 3,000 plus employees around the world who share the same passion for Guerlain.

“Because we believe that developing the skills of our people and the performance of the company are intimately linked, we invite you to explore our future together.” Anne Gautier, Vice President Human Resources. (*Values of team spirit and surpassing oneself experienced and shared through rowing)