A unique creation by Guerlain's Perfumer, Shalimar Ode à la Vanille is a tribute to Shalimar's majestic vanilla.
A scent explorer constantly in search of exceptional raw materials, Thierry Wasser set off for Madagascar on the discovery of its most exquisite pods. These bewitching aromas are majestically expressed in a beautifully enhanced concentration.
The legendary bottle is adorned for the occasion in a superb case decorated with mysterious interlaced arabesques.


Luminous, intense, sensual.

A new Shalimar symphony, composed around an overdose of Sambava Vanilla, "black gold" from Madagascar. Processed in the form of a tincture, an age-old technique continued only by Guerlain, it exudes its sweet and woody aromas on the skin.
Shalimar rediscovers a more amber, gourmand, intense and sensual side.

Perfumer secrets

In order to enhance the aromas of the pods of Sambava vanilla, it is skilfully processed in the form of a tincture, a traditional method exclusive to the house. It slowly infuses for one month in alcohol, all the better to reveal its aromas on being incorporated into the composition.