An intimate interpretation of London that opens with mouth-watering tearoom aromas: a very clever rhubarb accord that teases the nose. Grapefruit and bergamot heighten this unusual impression. While the bucolic violet adorns the lawns of Kensington Gardens in the spring, it is interpreted here in a candied version to recall the famous tangy English sweets with their explosive colours. Together with a duo of roses, the creation is as tender as a mischievous young woman from London and a tad shameless. The floral couple flirts with a light woody base to add detail and a breeze of fantasy, very British, of course.
On the bottle with its straight, clean lines, Serge Mansau sketched the outline of the Tower Bridge, engraved in platinum.


Fruity and Green Floral.
Fresh, tangy, audacious.
Top notes: bergamot, rhubarb, grapefruit.
Heart notes: cardamom, rose duo, violet.
Base notes: vetiver, black tea, white cedar wood.

Perfumer secrets

The journeys follow one after the other, but each remains happily unique. Created in 2011, London is the fourth stopover on this scented world tour. A duo of fresh roses, given a relaxed and thrilling accent with rhubarb: “punk” roses.
To accompany you on your every escapade, the bottle adopts the 100 ml travel size allowed in the plane cabin.