"For the first time ever, Guerlain is offering a special edition of the giant Shalimar glass bottle in a deep midnight blue. Thanks the tour de force of glass maker Waltersperger, the format and colour take the beauty of this exceptional bottle, whose multiple facets attain their full glory, to a new level. Guerlain commissioned Gripoix to put the sublime finishing touches on this amazing work of art. A perfect pairing between the perfumer, a devotee of craftsmanship since 1828, and the Paris couture jewellery maker. Jewels in hundreds deep blue glass and iridescent pearls mounted on fine 24 carats gold adorn he neck of the bottle. A finery fit for a prince and a symbol of the mystery and sensuality of the Shalimar legend.
Only 40 numbered pieces are available worldwide. "


In Extract form, the first ever oriental reaches the height of voluptuousness. Like a provocative secret, the dark bottle hides the warm amber tones of this decadent concentration. With a fresh opening burst of bergamot, followed by an enveloping armful of iris, jasmine and rose, over a vanilla, opopanax and tonka bean base. 1.5 litres of extreme sensuality…


Perfumer secrets

Founded in 1869, Gripoix has earned its reputation as the ultimate Parisian couture jewellery house and preserved the art of glass paste.These jewellery creations, steeped in precious emotions, are an encounter between the traditional art and know-how of adornment-makers, stone-setters, gilders and enamellers. True magicians whose skills bring these adornments to life.