The famous Guerlain Shalimar bottle has soared to even greater heights in a deep midnight blue edition crafted by French master glassmaker Waltersperger: a specialist in exceptional formats for almost a century. A genuine feat uniquely combining fine workmanship and state-of-the-art technology.

Preciously wrapped around the neck and shoulder of the bottle is a delicate branch, gilded with 22.5-carat gold, on which two lovebirds sit. A poetic allegory of the eternal love between Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal, this masterpiece of craftsmanship displays the know-how and talent of Desrues the French costume jewellery maker which has been supplying couturiers since 1929. Only 17 numbered pieces are available worldwide.


In its Extract version, Shalimar is a flight of citrus notes that stirs an enveloping, delicately powdered heart. The spellbinding trail of a carnal vanilla, the penetrating charm of iris, the balmy roundness of opoponax and the gourmand warmth of tonka bean orchestrate an intimate, languid symphony of scent.

Perfumer secrets

Desrues brings its artistic talent and expertise for the Shalimar 90th Anniversary Edition lovebirds ornament. This French costume jewellery maker, founded in 1929, is partnering with Guerlain for the first time to sublimate this state-of-the art and modern creation.