At the heart of Guerlain's Super Aqua-Serum, a bestseller for the last 30 years, lies Aquacomplex, which purifies cellular water* to improve its circulation, restore a youthful appearance and provide skin with powerful age-defying hydration.

The discovery program includes:
- Serum (50 ml)
- Eye Serum (5 ml)
- Sheet Mask (1 sachet)                
- Lotion (40ml)

*In vitro tests


A fresh rosy note fragrance, with aqua flower, ylang ylang and jamine notes.


Super Aqua Serum :
Immediately :
+72% hydration after 30 hr *
-27% wrinkles **

After 1 month*** :
94% of women judge their skin to be smoother and radiant
88% observe plumper skin


At the heart of this anti-wrinkle hydrating skincare range, Aquacomplex purifies cellular water* to relaunch hydration flows and restore youthfulness.

Directions for use

1. Apply the serum, working from the chin towards the earlobes.
2. Smooth from nose to temples.
3. Massage the forehead, making smoothing movements from the centre of the face outwards.
4. The final touch: Massage, making circular movements from eyebrows to nose, avoiding the eye contour area.