2006-2016: the 10 years of Orchidée Impériale Exceptional Care
The Orchidée Impériale Rich Cream from Guerlain delivers Gold Orchid Technology’s powers in a texture that is rich yet generous, melting and impalpable, ideally used for fine, dry or weakened skin.
Wrapped in immediate and lasting comfort and intensely nourished the face attracts the light and glows with youth. Wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed. The skin is as if perfectly renewed.
For the 10 years of Orchidée Impériale, the Rich Cream is available in limited edition with a delicately engraved cap.


Orchidée Impériale Fragrance


The Cream: A gain of 10 years' vitality*
Now in a rich and creamy texture:
Intense comfort for 90% of women**
A firmer skin: +36%***

*Average gain clinically measured, 41 women, 2 months' twice-daily application
**Satisfaction test on 30 women, results immediately after application and after 4 weeks’ twice-daily application
***Clinical evaluation by a dermatologist on 30 women, results after 4 weeks’ twice-daily application

Directions for use

A unique gesture inspired by the Guerlain Institute.
1. Apply the product in circular movements
2. Smooth your fingertips from the forehead to the ears. Perform 3 smoothing movements from the corners of the lips to the nose, ears and to the jawline.
3. Press down 3 times on the muscle attachment points indicated.
4. Gently smooth the backs of your fingers along the contours of the face. Smooth the entire forehead. 3 times