Guerlain's Abeille Royale custom-made anti-aging programme, born from the exceptional repairing power of bee products:
- The Daily Repair Serum (50ml)
- The Replenishing Eye Cream (5ml)
- The Face Treatment Oil (5ml)
- The Honey Nectar Lotion (40ml)

The unique texture of the Daily Repair Serum delivers a repairing concentrate, made with Guerlain Exclusive Royal Jelly and Pure Ouessant Honey, that acts continuously on every key level of the skin* for complete firmness.
From the cutaneous tissue through to the surface the skin fills out. Elasticity – Tone – Reshaping – Wrinkle : the skin looks younger from the very 1st drops and the face is lastingly remodeled.

* In vitro tests on ingredients


A sunshine nectar done by Thierry Wasser, nose of Guerlain: honey, fresh and airy fragrances.


The Daily Repair Serum:
Complete firmness : visible results on all the dimensions of firmness

After 1 month
Firmness +22%*
Elasticity +42%**
Tonicity +21%*
Reshape +28%*

Immediate anti-wrinkles results
Smoothing effect +27%*
Lifting effect measured on 84% of the users**

Results on skin aspect
Skin texture improved +41%*


The exceptional repairing power* of bee products.
Exceptional active ingredients, exclusive to Guerlain: Guerlain Royal Jelly, made exclusively in France, is combined with the purest Black Bee honey from the Island of Ouessant to help correct visible and futur signs of ageing.

Directions for use

Daily Repair Serum Abeille Royale should be applied morning and evening after the Face treatment oil.

Apply the product using both hands simultaneously, starting in the centre and moving outwards, working from the chin, the nose and the centre of the forehead. Leave to penetrate then perform the following:
1. Firming action
With the pad of your fingers, slowly and firmly press along the jaw line. Next, lift your fingers off rather than sliding, place them 2cm higher and continue as before. Carry on as far as the hairline.
2. Smoothing action
With the pad of your fingers, tap all over the face paying particular attention to the areas most affected, such as the nasolabial fold, crow's feet, frown lines and forehead.