The encounter with this fragrance is a cruel one, a trap that no one sees coming… This sun-drenched gardenia with its cottony aura approaches softly, then stirs our senses and haunts our thoughts. Neither heady nor opulent, but simply super-concentrated in white musks, it captivates us with its dangerous sensuality. Incredibly feminine, it leaves an intense and diabolically exhilarating aura in its wake that goes straight to the heart with its tenderness and omnipresence.
The fragrance dresses up in a bottle with clean, contemporary lines, decorated with a golden metal label on the side, like a precious book. It is embellished with an elegant bulb that delivers an unprecedented scent experience in a delicate mist.


Sweet, Sunny Floral.
Velvety, sun-drenched, vaporous.
Top notes: rose, peach, neroli.
Heart notes: gardenia, ylang-ylang, white musks.
Base notes: tonka bean, vanilla, sandalwood.

Perfumer secrets

One might picture the gardenia as slightly honeyed, with the exhilarating sensuality characteristic of white flowers. However, this gardenia is treated differently, like fresh, sun-drenched lace.
An Eau de Parfum that is easy to wear, even in the hottest climates.