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Rosy Whitening Essence (See 1/1)
Rosy Whitening Essence (See 1/1)

Blanc de Perle Rosy Whitening Essence

A vibrant whiteness

126.00 €
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Formulated with an extremely high concentration of the P.E.A.R.L. Rosy White Complex, the Essence Blanc de Perle Guerlain delivers, into the depth of the skin, a broader whitening action.
The P.E.A.R.L Rosy White Technology focuses simutaneously on the whole skin eveness, color and radiance parameters. Drop after drop:
It helps to reduce effectively the intensity of dark spots, skin looks lighter, reawakened.
It improves signicantly the skin brightness by simplifying the light path at the depths of skin, to intensively set the light free.
The skin glows with a new whiteness, incredibly vibrant and a fresh, rosy radiance.


A light, fresh and innocent fragrance, a harmony of luminous white flowers which blend with pink peppercorns and white mint.  An olfactory expression of luxury and perfection which immediately evokes the immaculate purity of the pearl.


After 1 month*, women claimed a complexion brightness improvement by X3.
After 2 months*, 97% of women noticed a significative improvement on dark spots appearance.
Clinical and instrumental evaluation approved** :
- Dark spots became lighter by 21%
- Skin yellowness have been reduced by 7%
* Self-assessment, 31 women
** Instrumental test on 30 women, 2 months


Formulated with pearl extract, vitamine H, E and C, the P.E.A.R.L. Rosy White Technology awakens the skin with an extraordinary vibrant pureness and a fresh rosy glow, which suits to every women's complexion.