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Blue Eau de toilette (See 1/1)
Blue Eau de toilette (See 1/1)

Petit Guerlain Blue Eau de toilette

A sweet and delicate perfume for children

115.00 €
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La Maison Guerlain returns to the world of young children, with a new version of Petit Guerlain to charm children and their parents. A light and delicate fragrance, created to be a poetic initiation into the art of perfumery. It is contained in the mythical bee bottle, the emblem of the House of Guerlain created in 1853 for the Empress Eugenie, here adorned in soft pink. A spray delivers a soft enveloping cloud from the Guerlain bee bottle wherever children play.


An enchanting Eau de Toilette, created by Guerlain’s master perfumer Thierry Wasser, is composed of sweet and enveloping notes, and blends the fresh floral accents of mimosa with the luscious notes of orange blossom. Harmonising perfectly with a young child, the subtly indulgent scent of pistachio is embellished with acacia honey and deliciously light musk. A perfume of pure poetry, recalling the sweet innocence and the first smiles of infancy.