Inspired by the unique power of pearls, Guerlain Research has created the P.E.A.R.L. complex – Pearl Extract Activity on Skin Regulation and Luminosity – to target the very source of dark spots:
- It restores optimum ZO-1* protein levels in the skin, a key factor in cellular organisation and the elimination of melanin trapped in the epidermis.
- It controls the pigmentation process by regulating melanin synthesis*.
The high-precision Spot Eraser targets the area to be treated and releases a double-action whitening formula. It exfoliates the surface of the dark spot, allowing the whitening active ingredients to be absorbed for intensive treatment at the heart of the skin. Day after day, dark spots appear lighter.
*In vitro test on ingredients.


Women are convinced*:
Dark spots become less intense: 87%
After 8 weeks:
Pigmentation marks fade away: 100%

*Satisfaction test conducted in Asia on a sample of 30 women.

Directions for use

Dab onto dark spots and uneven areas of the complexion morning and evening after the Essence.