Inspired by honey dressings, the Honey Cataplasm Mask Abeille Royale by Guerlain is the latest-generation cataplasm mask ; it adheres to the skin ideally and moulds itself to the facial contours.

The result: the skin is instantly smoothed*, wrinkles and fine lines are visibly diminished*, the face appears rested, the skin is hydrated and plumper. The skin is more luminous**.

*Instrumental test, 16 women
**Clinical assessment on 32 women


A sun-drenched nectar by the Guerlain nose Thierry Wasser: fresh and airy honeyed scents.

Expert formulas

Abeille Royale: skin repair born from science and the bee.

With over 10 years of research, Guerlain has scientifically proven the effectiveness of bee products in boosting the skin's repair mechanisms.
Abeille Royale offers an advanced solution to effectively combat the visible signs of ageing, namely wrinkles and loss of firmness.


After application:
Instantly smoothed lines: appearance of wrinkles-27%* hydrated appearance of skin +27%**

After one month:
The features appear rested: +33%***
Skin is more luminous: +50%***


A blend of carefully chosen bee products: Ouessant Island honey, Corsican honey, New Zealand Clover honey and a royal jelly exclusive to Guerlain harvested in France.

Ouessant Honey
Just 18km off the coast of Brittany is the Island of Ouessant, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with an ecosystem that is parasite-free and protected from pesticides. On this island, the Black Bee produces honey, with exceptional properties.
Rich in amino acids, trace elements and high in fructose-content, this honey offers the essential ingredients that are vital in the repair process of skin tissue.

Guerlain Exclusive Royal Jelly
Royal Jelly is the most precious substance to be produced by bees. It is reserved exclusively for feeding queen bees and offers regal nourishment for the skin as well. Guerlain developed its own Exclusive Royal Jelly in order to guarantee its quality and purity.
This Royal Jelly is rich in exceptional nutrients and is a natural source of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and vitamins. It is produced in a protected environment and offers exceptional benefits for the skin.  

Directions for use

Morning or evening, apply the mask in place of your usual serum using the following method:
Having cleansed the skin, apply the lotion and the mask following the gestures shown below for an optimal application.

1) Abeille Royale Honey Cataplasm Mask consists of three layers
2) Open out the mask and remove the first protective sheet
3) Apply the mask to your face
4) Using the tab, remove the second protective sheet
5) Leave the mask on for 15 minutes
6) Remove the mask and massage in the surplus avoiding the mouth and eye contour