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Rouge G Luxurious Velvet 16H wear high-pigmentation velvet matte lipstick

Customize your lipstick

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The new ultimate matte lipstick with a velvet finish.

Never has a matte lip colour been so sensorial, as Rouge G combines exceptional softness, depth and long-lasting (16-hour) wear**.
Its highly pigmented, velvety formula glides effortlessly over the lips for an absolute comfort.
16-hour comfort* and wear**.

The new sleek and modern design of the lipstick offers precise, generous application, with its rounded base that hugs the lip contours and its pointed tip that ensures a precisely drawn lip line. This exclusive matte lipstick comes in 15 intense and deeply chic shades.
For the first time, the Rouge G cases are dressed in fabrics sporting the timeless patterns of the Parisian wardrobe; think houndstooth, tweed, chevron stripes and more…
Discover Rouge G Luxurious Velvet, the velvet matte lipstick to customize to your style.

Customize your lipstick:

1. Choose your velvet matte colour from among a range of 15 ultra-pigmented, intense and deep shades.
2. Choose your case from an array of Parisian styles – from the most timeless to the most trendy – to create your complete lipstick.
3. Customize your lipstick and collect countless versions of Rouge G !

*Self-assessment by scoring, 20 women
**Instrumental test and clinical evaluation on 20 women


The sweet, enveloping scent of a vanilla “floriental” leaves its incomparable imprint on Rouge G. The top notes sparkle with a lemon, orange and bergamot accord. At the heart, rose and iris exude sweetness. A base of vanilla and tonka bean gives Rouge G all of its intensity.


- Hyaluronic acid spheres to smooth lips and protect them from dehydration
- Nourishing mango butter for lips as soft as velvet
- Silk tree extract with a mattifying effect for smooth, intensely matte lips.


16-hour comfort* and wear**.

*Self-assessment by scoring, 20 women
**Instrumental test and clinical evaluation on 20 women