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Santal Royal - Hair Mist (See 1/1)
Santal Royal - Hair Mist (See 1/1)

Les Absolus d'Orient Santal Royal - Hair Mist

A scented hair mist from the Absolus d'Orient Collection featuring notes of Santal Royal

Trail intensity


The elegant and ethereal Santal Royal Hair Mist adds a delicate fragrance to the hair and creates an enchanting trail.
Shrouded in mystery, Sandalwood is beautifully showcased in this woody oriental fragrance created by Guerlain’s Master Perfumer, Thierry Wasser. Dark notes of leather and an oud accord contrast subtly with the sparkling floral notes of rose and jasmine.


A woody oriental fragrance.
Mysterious, sweet, and enchanting.
Top notes: neroli, jasmine
Heart notes: peach, rose, cinnamon
Base notes: sandalwood, leather note, amber notes, oud accord, musk tincture


Damask rose, sandalwood, amber notes

perfumers secret

Amber, leather, and oud accords underpin the distinguished elegance of sandalwood. Thierry Wasser imbues this sacred ingredient with sensuality by incorporating Guerlain’s exclusive musk tincture, resulting in a unisex fragrance that is both divine and modern.