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Eau de Parfum (See 1/1)
Eau de Parfum (See 1/1)

Héritage Eau de Parfum

The intergenerational fragrance

Trail intensity


Inspired by yesterday's generations, Héritage is a fragrance dedicated to the men of tomorrow.
It opens with aromatic freshness, succeeded by the subtlety of a warm spicy accord on a woody dry-down with shades of the orient.

Héritage, for a man who is at once a trustee for tradition and a herald of a new spirit.

With its modern geometry and mastery of form, Héritage has an eternally elegant French appeal.


Spicy Oriental.
Refined, warm, authentic.

The exuberant freshness of lemon and bergamot top notes meets an aromatic breeze of lavender. Then, the heart is enriched with fresh, spicy notes such as coriander and pink pepper. Finally, with the patchouli there emerges a rich, oriental woody dry-down.


Lavender, coriander, patchouli

perfumers secret

Héritage marked the first time that the term "Guerlinade" was used, designating the olfactory seal jealously guarded at Guerlain.
Héritage is constructed around favourite raw materials, such as bergamot, patchouli, tonka bean and vanilla. They can be found in all Guerlain creations, giving them a very identifiable and inimitable trail.