Article 1: The Organizing Company

Guerlain Orient DMCC (hereafter mentioned as the « Organizing Company »), organizes a contest “Ramadan Competition” accessible via the Guerlain Middle East Instagram Account https://www.instagram.com/guerlainmiddleeast/?hl=fr (hereafter the “Contest”) taking place from May 12th, 1pm to June 6th, 2019 at 11pm.

Article 2: Participation

This game-contest will be constantly accessible via the Instagram Account https://www.instagram.com/guerlainmiddleeast/?hl=fr from May 12th, 1pm to June 6th, 2019 at 11pm, Dubai time.
Participation is restricted to all natural persons of at least 18 years old, based in the Middle East Region (GCC: UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Near East: Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq), and possessing an internet connection, excluding employees of the Organizer, as well as their immediate family and any persons directly or indirectly involved in the design, production or management of this game-contest.

Article 3: Conditions of participation

This game is targeted to the full Middle East Region (GCC: UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Near East: Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq).
All participants must have an Instagram account to take part of the game.
In order to participate, candidates must:
1. Follow the @GuerlainMiddleEast Instagram account;
2. Post a comment on the Ramadan Competition by tagging two friends for a chance to win a Cuir Intense Fragrance. Winners will be chosen randomly amongst the people who posted this comment.
Once these formalities are complete, participation will be considered as final.
Any entry with missing or erroneous information will be considered null and void.
The game will stop at the expiry of the period defined in Article 1. Entries received outside of this window will be disregarded.

Nevertheless, the Organizer reserves the right to postpone, modify, cancel, shorten or extend the game-contest. Under no circumstances can the Organizer’s liability be invoked in such cases.
The Organizer also reserves the right to repeat this game-contest on a later date.

Only one participation for each household (same surname, same address, same email address) is authorized during the whole Contest duration. A single person is expressly forbidden to participate under different identities and/or email addresses.

Once these formalities will have been accomplished, the participation will be considered as definitive.

Article 4: Prizes

The following prize will be awarded to 4 winners: a Cuir Intense fragrance (125ml).

Winners will be chosen randomly amongst the people who posted a comment displaying tags of two friends. Winners will be contacted via Instagram to get their price.
The 4 winners will be announced one each week on Tuesday the 14th at 10am, Tuesday 21st at 10am, Tuesday 28th at 10am, and Tuesday 4th of June at 10am. It is being specified that all costs related to the travel to/in UAE are not included in the prize.

Article 5: Winners designation

Ms. Nada Baroudi, address Dubai, JLT Cluster Y, JBC 3, Office 601 will designate the 4 winners no later than Tuesday the 14th at 10am, Tuesday 21st at 10am, Tuesday 28th at 10am, and Tuesday 4th of June at 10am. The 4 winners will be drawn based on their registration.

In the event one of the winners would either refuse the prize or would not manifest himself/herself within the period provided in Article 6 below or would be disqualified of the Contest pursuant to Article 7 below, a new participant will be drawn within 1 business day from the non-allocation of the prize.

The prizes awarded shall not be challenged in any manner whatsoever by the winners. In any event, no exchange value in cash or in voucher equivalent to the prize value shall be granted and the prize may not be exchanged.

In addition, the Organizing Company reserves the right at its sole discretion to substitute any of the prizes of equal value if some circumstances beyond Organizing Company’s control would force it to act in this way, provided that the Organizing Company shall not be held liable with this respect.

Article 6: Winner information

After verification of the registration and prizes allocation process validity within 10 business days from the designation of the winners, the winners only will be personally informed by the Organizing Company of the results of the Contest. They will be informed of the nature and allocation modalities of their prize by email to the address specified during the registration process for the Contest, which is the only valid address.

No information regarding the names of the winners will be given by telephone. No mail will be sent to the losing participants, except in case of a request for communication of the Contest rules and/or the corresponding amendments the case may be.

The names of the winners will be left at Ms. Nada Baroudi, PR & Media Specialist’s, office located in Dubai, JLT Cluster Y, JBC 3 Tower, Office 601.

Article 7: Participation validity – Fraud

Any application for the Contest which would be misleading, incomplete, illegible, inaccurate, or received after the application deadline (date and time of receipt of the application on the above mentioned website https://www.instagram.com/guerlainmiddleeast/?hl=fr shall be referred to and shall prevail) shall be deemed by the Organizing Company null and void. Such nullity may be decided in case of a multiple application to the Contest by a same person (same name, same address, same email address). The participant whose participation will have been invalidated may not be entitled to any prize.

The participants allow the Organizing Company to make all verifications regarding their identity and domicile and to evidence the invalidity of an application.

With this regard, the Organizing Company reserves the right, and the participants accept, to require a copy of all documents evidencing this information.

In addition, it is strictly forbidden to modify or attempt to modify the system of the Contest by any process whatsoever, in order to, inter alia, modify either the results or the selected winners, or the awarded prize. In such a case, the participants will be disqualified and may not be entitled to any prize.

The Organizing Company may withhold or cancel the participation of one or more participants in the event the Organizing Company would notice a suspicious behavior, including without limitation: setting up of an automatic reply system, connection of several persons from different computers with the same connection account, - i.e. the same profile as registered on the data base of the Contest - , a non-habitual prize winning rhythm, an attempt to force the Organizing Company servers, a multiplication of the log in accounts, …

The Organizing Company will decide at its sole discretion of the exclusion or reintegration of the involved participants with respect to the information it holds. In case of sanction or complaint, the participants shall provide all evidence of the complying behavior with the Contest rules. The Organizing Company’s liability shall not be engaged with this respect.

In order to preserve the same chances of success to all participants to the Contest, the Organizing Company reserves the right not to allocate the prize to the swindlers and/or to pursue these swindlers before the competent courts.

The Organizing Company may cancel all or part of the Contest in the event of any suspected fraud whatsoever, including IT frauds.

Article 8 : Rules

The participation to the Contest implies the full acceptance of the terms and conditions hereto.

Any modification to the foregoing rules shall be formalized by an amendment which will be left at Ms. Nada Baroudi’s office, such amendment available to any person who would request a copy.

These terms and conditions of the contest “Ramadan Competition”, its amendments the case may be, and the names of the winners will be left at Ms. Nada Baroudi’s.

The complete rules will be sent to any participants, upon request to the following address:

UAE, Dubai, Guerlain Orient DMCC, JLT Cluster Y, JBC 3 Tower, Office 601

Article 9: Data privacy laws and regulations

The personal data gathered through the application form validating the participation to the Contest are exclusively meant to GUERLAIN Orient DMCC with the purpose of registration in its consumers data base and corresponding commercial prospection. All asterisked fields are mandatory for validation of the registration. Should this information be not communicated, the application will be ignored. The participants have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete any data relating to them. In order to exercise this right, they have to contact the Organizing Company at the following email address:


Article 10: Internet connection and use

The Organizing Company shall not be liable for any misuse or incident related to a misuse of Internet, telephone line, or any other technical connection or in case of sending the application form to an incorrect address.

The participation online to the Contest implies the acknowledgement and acceptance of the Internet specifications and limits, including without limitation technical performances, risks of connection breaks, and more generally inherent risks in online connections and transmissions, absence of protection against misappropriations and risks of circulating virus contaminations on the network.

Considering the specifications of the Internet network (such as the free captation of broadcasted data and the difficulty or even the impossibility to control the use made by third parties), the Organizing Company shall not be held liable for any misuse of these data.

Article 11: Intellectual Property/Copyright

All rights of reproduction and communication pertaining to the elements constituting the Contest are reserved and their reproduction and communication are strictly prohibited.

The texts left by the Participants are under their sole responsibility and the Organizing Company shall not be held liable therefor.

The text posted by each participant within the frame of the Contest may not be used as a broadcast media of immoral contents or contrary to the public order or infringing third parties rights or applicable laws and regulations such as inter alia:

- messages either defamatory, abusive, obscene, racist, offending, or promoting illegal activities whatsoever;
- Violent or pornographic contents or contents which may affect the human rights projection, human dignity, equality between women and men, or the protection of children and teenagers;
- usurpation of a name, an email address, a company name or a trademark
- the reproduction, in part or in whole, of copyrighted contents and for which the users have no rights as well as the messages constituting a trademark infringement.

Article 12: laws and jurisdictions

Any claim arising out more than 2 months after the end the Contest shall be automatically dismissed.

The UAE laws are applicable to this contest and any claim in connection with it shall be submitted to the Courts of Dubai.