The indispensable ally of fulfilled femininity, Colour Lacquer is the promise of exalted beauty down to the fingertips.
Enriched with adhesive and acrylic resins, this polish is applied evenly and optimises impeccable colour retention. The nitrocellulose forms a supple and elastic film that sets on the nail to perfection.
The perfectly recreated shades show off lacquered shine for days on end.
Colour Lacquer features an exclusive and unprecedented easy-to-use brush. Wide and extra-flat, it follows the shape of the nail and delivers the perfect amount of polish for even application from the very first coat.
Colour Lacquer is available in ten vibrant must-have shades to harmonise with the iconic Guerlain lipstick shades.

Directions for use

For salon-perfect results, apply the lacquer in three steps:
1. Apply the Protective Base Coat.
2. Apply a first thin coat of Colour Lacquer, followed by a second coat.
3. Apply the Top Coat Gel.
Allow each coat to dry between each step for a perfect manicure.