The perfumed reflection of a rebellious personality that breaks the codes of seduction, this fragrance is constructed around cedar and patchouli, two warm and noble essences traditionally used in men’s perfume-making. But in this case, like a tuxedo that enhances a woman’s body, they embrace the softness of a sensual bouquet. A mallow note adds ambiguity to the accord, the better to surprise.
The fragrance dresses up in a bottle with pure lines, adorned with a metallic silver label inspired by the intimate ambience of the boudoir.


Woody, Addictive.
Contrasting, unexpected, bold.
Top notes: bergamot, mandarin, pink pepper, rosemary.
Heart notes: orange blossom, jasmine and mallow accord.
Base notes: patchouli, white musks, cedar.

Perfumer secrets

A masculine outfit with a simple cut, accentuating the curve of my hip and the dip of my waist just so… And nothing under the jacket. Just my Elixir Charnel, Boisé Torride. The art of suggesting without revealing. Let ambiguity do the talking. Androgynous? Perhaps. Terribly sexy? But of course. And what if I lent it to my man?