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Christmas candle (See 1/2)
Christmas candle (See 2/2)
Christmas candle (See 1/2)
Christmas candle (See 2/2)

Winter Délice Christmas candle

Make the long winter evenings warmer

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A warm break by the fireside during long and cold winter evenings. Nostalgic memories of the gourmet aromas of gingerbread and candied fruits. Comfort from the crackling fire, refreshed by the green notes of the pine needles, an evocation of contrasts of this festive season.

For this limited edition celebrating the 190th Anniversary of the House, the French artist Giselle Balosso Bardin reinvents the iconic Guerlain Bee. Her universe full of poetry, subtlety and elegance brings a rich and festive touch to the label of this collector's edition.


Spicy oriental
Gourmet, festive, cocooning


Armoise, ginger bread notes, patchouli

perfumers secret

During the first use, wait until the wax is evenly consumed, all the way to the edges, before extinguishing the candle.
The wick must always remain centred. If necessary, trim it to about 0.5 cm, straighten it and centre it. Ideal for perfuming your bedroom or living room.

For any purchase of a candle, a Guerlain matchbox is offered.