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Whitening Day & Night Treatment (See 1/1)
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Whitening Day & Night Treatment (See 1/1)
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White P.E.A.R.L. Fusion Whitening Day & Night Treatment

Absolute white inner radiance

224.00 €
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The first ultra-fresh day and night shock treatment that delivers intensive and continuous whitening power for 28 days. It re-balances the whiteness and evenness of the skin and dark spots lose their intensity. The skin regains and retains the immaculate whiteness of the pearl.
This set contains 2x15ml bottles.


This treatment thus offers the skin an intense
Whitening activity, twenty-four seven, for 28 days:
> intensely hydrates the skin with lasting results**
- day formula +59% (2 hr) +50% (6 hr)
- night formula +64% (2 hr) +52% (6 hr)
Brightening effectiveness noted by women after 14 days,
Which intensifies with repeated applications
> after 14 days, 94% of women observe that their dark spots are less visible***
> after 28 days, a 20% reduction in pigmentation marks****
> after 28 days, 100% of women observe that*****:
- their complexion is more radiant +57%
- their skin recovers immaculate whiteness +60%
100% of women consider their complexion to be more even, that dark spots
Are less visible, and that their skin is beautiful and luminous***
*in vitro tests on ingredients
**instrumental measurement on 10 subjects, results after single application
***satisfaction test in asia on 31 women, results 14 days and 28 days after twice-daily application
****clinical evaluation conducted by a dermatologist in asia on a sample of 31 women, results 28 days after twice-daily application
*****self-assessment test in asia by 31 women, results 28 days after twice-daily application


The Advanced P.E.A.R.L. Complex and the Melanin Control Technology for a targeted multidimensional action that works on persistent, recent and emerging melanin.
For daytime, protective active ingredients to protect the skin cells against UV attack. For night-time, its absorption-accelerating complex, rapidly delivers the active ingredients in a high concentration to dark spots.


We reveal the provenance of our raw materials and unveil all the stages involved in creating our products, "from the flower field to you".