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Body Serum (See 1/1)
Body Serum (See 1/1)

Super Aqua-Body Body Serum

Optimum Hydration Revitalizer

104.00 €
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The Super Aqua Body Serum combines intense hydrating and revitalising performance with a sublime satin finish.

The softness and suppleness of even the driest skin are restored, and the signs of ageing fade. Intensely hydrated, the skin is plumped, smooth and radiant. It is more resistant to the effects of time.


A fresh rosy note fragrance, with aqua flower, ylang ylang and jamine notes


+75% hydration after 24 hours*.
For 100% of women, the skin is supple, smooth and luminous**.

After 1 month**:
For 97% of women, the skin quality is improved.
For 91% of women, the skin texture is refined.

*Instrumental test on 10 women
**Satisfaction test on 32 women


The Aquacomplex technology: an exclusive combination of plant and biotechnological ingredients, that purifies the cellular water to boost the moisturizing flow at the heart of the skin and offer an ideal anti-aging hydration.
Rich Phospholipid: purify the skin by reactivating the micro-fragment elimination process.
Hyaluronic acid: moisturize the skin in depth.
* Test in vitro