Tonka Impériale is well-named indeed: a subtle blend of balmy scents, rich in contrasting facets, with accents of honey, gingerbread, almond and tobacco. An astonishing construction that blows hot and cold between the uplifting top notes and the sweet, pervasive fullness of tonka bean. Alluring and surprising, this cult ingredient gives the fragrance a rare and memorable personality.
The fragrance dresses up in a bottle with clean, contemporary lines, decorated with a golden metal label on the side, like a precious book. It is embellished with an elegant bulb that delivers an unprecedented scent experience in a delicate mist.


Woody Oriental.
Aromatic, warm, sensual.
Top notes: bergamot, almond, rosemary.
Heart notes: jasmine, tonka bean, tobacco.
Base notes: frankincense, cedar wood, pine wood.

Perfumer secrets

Tonka Impériale is constructed around one of the cult components of the Guerlain perfumer: the tonka bean. From Jicky to Shalimar, by way of Habit Rouge, this precious seed, originating in the forests of Venezuela, is one of its iconic raw materials. The warmth of the tonka bean is balanced here by a very fresh rosemary note.
For men and women.