The ideal man is a myth. But with L'Homme Idéal Sport, Guerlain has made his fragrance a reality.

The ideal Eau de Toilette Sport ? Stimulating fresh spices, reinvigorating aquatic notes and an irresistible almond trail. A fresh fougère fragrance that will trigger your athletic potential.

Your fragrance L’Homme Idéal Sport in the iconic white Bee Bottle. The Bee Bottle was created in 1853 by the glassmakers Pochet & du Courval for the Eau de Cologne developed for the Empress Eugénie. Its tile shapes, inspired by the dome of the Vendôme column, are decorated with 69 bees, symbols of the empire.


Fresh Fougère.
Invigorating. Refreshing. Long-lasting.


Almond, fresh spices, aquatic notes

Perfumer secrets

Guerlain reveals the sporty character of the Eau de Toilette with an intense and exhilarating concentrate of almond, the signature note of L’Homme Idéal. Spiked with fresh spices, the scent revitalizes with invigorating notes of ginger and lemon. Dominant notes of bergamot bring the whole composition to life, offering a concentrated boost of energy to help you face the challenges of the day ahead.