A true whitening skincare revolution, the new Age-Defying & Brightening Serum provides complete action on pigmentation disorders that both are melanin-related (due to UV light exposure) and non melanin-related (due to ageing and glycation*).
Immediately, skin regains its radiance. Day after day, dark spots fade. The complexion has never looked so luminous, so even and so immaculate.
Because dazzling, youthful skin means a flawless, radiant complexion, free from pigmentation marks, Orchidée Impériale combines the power to combat signs of ageing, boost radiance and even out skin tone. And now Guerlain’s Orchidée Impériale White Technology has been enriched for a youthful radiance that intensifies with each passing day.
*In vitro test on ingredients


A floral scent with hints of orchid that blend with notes of rose, white musk and precious cedar wood


Wrinkles are significantly smoothed: -47%*
Transparency and radiance of complexion are increased by 26%**.
All types of pigmentary marks are softened for 92%*** of women.
Soothed and soft skin for 100%*** of women.

*Instrumental test on 15 women
**Assessment by a dermatologist on 32 women after twice-daily application on the face and neck during 56 days
***Satisfaction test in France on 53 women after twice-daily application during 56 days

Directions for use

Apply The Age-Defying and Brightening Serum morning & night before The Cream.
1 Apply the product in circular movements.
2 Smooth your fingertips from the forehead to the ears. Perform 3 smoothing movements from the corners of the lips to the nose, ears and to the jawline.
3 Press down 3 times on the muscle attachment points indicated.
4 Gently smooth the backs of your fingers along the contours of the face. Smooth the entire forehead. 3 times