The Neck & Décolleté Cream restores radiance, shape and support to this area, which is finer, drier and more exposed than the face.
An exclusive age-defying composition has a spectacular rejuvenating effect on the neck and décolleté upon application, and day after day. Working in synergy with the I.O.M.E., the Neck & Décolleté Cream provides the anti-slackening and brightening actions of specific ingredients.
The neck and décolleté light up with a new beauty, in perfect harmony with the face. With every day, the skin becomes smoother, denser and more toned. Pigmentation marks fade away and its evenness and radiance are restored.
This treatment may also be applied to the back of the hands for a smoothing and brightening effect.


Clinical evaluation by a dermatologist:
Dense appearance of the skin +30%
Skin elasticity +37%
Smooth appearance of the skin +61%
Lifted appearance of the skin +42%

40 women, 4 weeks' twice-daily application, before/after comparison

Directions for use

1 Sculpt the neck: hands at the base of the neck, fingers behind the neck, apply light pressure with the fingertips.
2 Strengthen the décolleté: hands flat on the chest, draw hands outwards while pressing with the fingers.
3 Beautify the neck and décolleté: hand on the neck, make a downward sweeping movement towards the décolleté; repeat with the other hand.

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