The Imperial Ritual combines the three essential products in the Orchidée Impériale routine:
- The Longevity Concentrate (30 ml): an ultra-powerful serum to intensely diminish all the signs of skin ageing. Its innovative retexturising formula restores the skin's dense and even firmness and gives a spectacularly refined skin texture.
- The Cream (50 ml): complete care that takes daily action on all the signs of skin ageing to restore its vitality and radiance. It is also available in a Fluid and Rich Cream version.
- The Eye and Lip Cream (15 ml): dense, melt-away skincare, for an eye contour that appears redefined, smoother and brighter, and lips that are nourished, perfectly shaped and redefined.


The essential trio for reinforced global age-defying action:

1. Targeted action of the Eye and Lip Cream: an instant smoothing effect of 43%* on crow's feet, 97% of women find that the eye and lip contour is immediately nourished**
2. Retexturising efficacy*** of the Longevity Concentrate: +32% (fineness and evenness of the skin, appearance of pores)
3. A gain of 10 years' vitality for the skin in terms of the signs of skin ageing with the Cream****: hydration, radiance, evenness of the complexion, fine lines, wrinkles, firmness

*Instrumental test, 14 subjects, reduction in the total surface of wrinkles after 1 hour
**Satisfaction test, 59 women, 4 weeks
***Evaluation by a dermatologist on 30 women, 4 weeks' twice-daily application
****Vitality Index established on the basis of clinical observations of the signs of skin ageing, 216 women aged between 20 and 60. Average gain clinically measured, 41 women, two months' twice-daily application.

Directions for use

Apply the Eye and Lip Cream, smoothing outwards, under the eye, above it and over the lip contour area.
Then apply the Longevity Concentrate followed by the Cream in circular movements.
Consult each product for a more detailed application technique.