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Exceptional creation
By Janaïna Milheiro (See 1/1)
By Janaïna Milheiro (See 1/1)
Exceptional creation

The Four Seasons Autumn By Janaïna Milheiro

Four poems in bottles


The Autumn bottle, part of a collection "the Four Seasons" resulting from an exceptional collaboration between Guerlain and textile artist and designer Janaïna Milheiro, is swathed in radiant foliage of pheasant feathers. The pheasant or goose feathers are trimmed one by one to fit her drawn-out motifs and linked together by the same thread in order to create a “mesh” covering the shapes of the bottle. This unique decorative trim adorns the emblematic, limited edition “Quadrilobé” bottle in Baccarat crystal, each one numbered.


Iris and vetiver lend an ordered elegance to the heart of the composition, faceted with intriguing mineral and smoked notes. Moss and patchouli evoke rich, mysterious humus, enriched by the gourmand accents of tonka bean and cedar.


Begamot - Vetiver - Cedar

perfumers secret

Janaïna Milheiro is a Brazilian-born artist and designer based in Paris who creates light, delicate pieces that transform feathers into true works of art. To make the ethereal trimmings for the “Four Seasons” collection, the artist created four different designs, each requiring more than fifteen hours of extremely delicate, intricate work. A delicate chocolate brown satin ribbon tied around the neck of the bottle by the Guerlain “Dames de Table” adds the final touch of refinement to this exceptional piece.