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Intensive Mask (See 1/1)
Intensive Mask (See 1/1)

Super Aqua-Mask Intensive Mask

Optimum Hydration Revitalizer


Offering as many active ingredients in one application as a 30-ml serum bottle, the Super Aqua Intensive Mask delivers all the effectiveness and pleasure of an intense moisturising anti-ageing cocoon.

After ten minutes or so, the hydric mattress expands; moisture-boosted skin is plumped and revitalised. Relieved of signs of fatigue, the skin appears visibly smoother, supple and luminous.


A fresh rosy note fragrance, with aqua flower, ylang ylang and jamine notes.


+37% hydration*.
-23% wrinkles**.
For 90% of women, the skin is more toned***.

After 1 month***:
For 97% of women, the skin is firmer, replenished and regenerated.

*Instrumental test on 11 subjects, results after 2 hr
**Instrumental test on 16 subjects
***Satisfaction test on 31 women


The Aquacomplex technology: an exclusive combination of plant and biotechnological ingredients, that purifies the cellular water to boost the moisturizing flow at the heart of the skin and offer an ideal anti-aging hydration.
Rich Phospholipid: purify the skin by reactivating the micro-fragment elimination process.
Hyaluronic acid: moisturize the skin in depth.
* Test in vitro