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Souffle Intense - Eau de Parfum (See 1/1)
Souffle Intense - Eau de Parfum (See 1/1)

Shalimar Souffle Intense - Eau de Parfum

A breath of extreme intensity

Trail intensity


Shalimar Souffle Intense, a new Eau de Parfum created by Guerlain.
A sensual and enchanting creation to be worn like a precious jewel.
Thierry Wasser has breathed new life into this legendary perfume, taking it to the heights of sensuality,

Once upon a time, four centuries ago, in India, there was a love that knew no bounds. For his beloved wife, the princess Mumtaz Mahal, the emperor Shah Jahan ordered the creation of the most luxurious gardens of Shalimar as a setting for their love. Later, he erected the Taj Mahal, a marvel admired by the entire world. This fabulous story inspired Jacques Guerlain to create an exquisitely seductive scent, the world’s very first oriental fragrance: Shalimar.


Floriental. Precious, Sensual, Cocooning.
A flight of green lively notes a breath of nature. The luminous heart gives way to an armful of white flowers and jasmine Sambac from India combined with an unprecedented orange blossom water absolute note.
Deep inside, the Tahitensis vanilla and the vanilla from Madagascar exalts a balsamed and amber sensuality, whereas the overdose of benzoïn its addictive and spicy facet.


Green notes married with Sambac Jasmin from India gives the fragrance a breath of freshness. Notes of spicy vanilla are sublimated by the benzoin revealing its sensual facet.

perfumers secret

To emphasize and give to the vanilla its oriental side, Thierry Wasser combined Tahitensis Vanilla with Vanilla from Madagascar. A carnal facet reveals itself when the sensuality of the vanilla meets the orientalism of the balm tolu.