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Eau de Parfum Set (See 1/2)
Eau de Parfum Set (See 2/2)
Eau de Parfum Set (See 1/2)
Eau de Parfum Set (See 2/2)

L'Homme Idéal Eau de Parfum Set

The ideal man is a myth. His fragrance, a reality.



This set is composed of a 100ml and 10ml size L’Homme Ideal Eau de Parfum and a 75ml size L’Homme Ideal Shower Gel.

Guerlain has called upon the talents of the artist Roxane Lagache: the 2020 edition is enhanced by her unique style, which is retro-influenced yet resolutely modern. Her creation immerses us in an exotic and vegetal universe for a poetic reinterpretation of the codes of the House.

The Eau de Parfum L'Homme Idéal : a captivating almond with a seductive warm vanilla tincture and mysterious leather.

The Shower Gel L'Homme Idéal is sparkling, sensual and decidedly masculine.


Woody Oriental.
Captivating, seductive, mysterious.


Almond, Vanilla Tincture, Leather Note

perfumers secret

Leather is a perfect match for the signature vanilla tincture which comes to the fore in this Eau de Parfum. Guerlain is one of the last perfumers to use this age-old technique. The tincture is made using an artisanal process at the Orphin factory, where vanilla pods are cut into small pieces and steeped in alcohol until they take on a beautiful warm amber hue.