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By Claudine Drai (See 1/4)
By Claudine Drai (See 2/4)
By Claudine Drai (See 3/4)
By Claudine Drai (See 4/4)
By Claudine Drai (See 1/4)
By Claudine Drai (See 2/4)
By Claudine Drai (See 3/4)
By Claudine Drai (See 4/4)

L'Heure Blanche By Claudine Drai

Abandon in white, between dream and reality



There are those encounters for which time stands still: the one between Guerlain and Claudine Drai, is an invitation to surrender to the senses.
French plastic artist Claudine Drai has explored the relationship between the material and immaterial, drawing and sculpture, trace and translucency, appearance and disappearance. Her art is filled with rhythm, symbols, words and perfume.

Between dream and reality, the artist's intangible, immaculate, sensory white universe inspires the elusive magic of Guerlain Perfumer’s lingering trails to bring "L’Heure Blanche" (“The White Hour”) to life.
An ode to the colour white, a light and airy fragrance that whispers with perfect mystery. it plays on this same fleeting feeling, all the while magnifying a feeling of suspended time. L’Heure Blanche illustrates the dawn of a new world and the promise of somewhere else.

The emblematic Bee Bottle is exceptionally adorned in a biscuit porcelain-style matte white, emphasising the beauty of this musky-floral Eau de Parfum. Emblematic of the House since 1853, this bottle is still crafted by the Maison's historical glassmaker, Pochet du Courval.
The “Dames de Table” of the Ateliers Guerlain adorn it with a delicate silk ribbon bearing a secret message.

A limited and numbered edition (1888 pieces available worldwide).


Celestial. Pure. Aerial. Infinite.

A white floral accord that endlessly unfurls under scintillating aquatic notes and roundness of milky notes within the enveloping, powdery softness of iris, white musks and amber.


Musk - Milky notes - White flowers

perfumers secret

For Guerlain, its relationship with Claudine Drai began in 2018 with “The Soul of Time” exhibition at 68 Avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris. For the exhibit, the artist created a beautiful voyage of discovery, a maze-like path along which she revealed poetry as well as her work on paper with its abstract shapes and enigmatic silhouettes. The perfumers Delphine Jelk and Thierry Wasser composed an immaterial fragrance for the event.

Inspired by the artist’s uniquely poetic universe, the Perfumer Delphine Jelk moved instinctively towards materials that would evoke the colour white. From milky notes, to musk and iris, each of her choices communicated the idea of sculpted paper. “Claudine Drai’s work immediately resonated with me. Her soft, super-white universe filled with female figures and angels, sits somewhere between dream and reality.”