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Eau de Guerlain - Eau de Cologne (See 1/2)
Eau de Guerlain - Eau de Cologne (See 2/2)
Eau de Guerlain - Eau de Cologne (See 1/2)
Eau de Guerlain - Eau de Cologne (See 2/2)

Les Colognes Eau de Guerlain - Eau de Cologne

Provençale freshness

Trail intensity


Refreshing and profound, Eau de Guerlain is the "Rite of Spring" that heralds the arrival of a hot, fragrant summer. By giving it his name in 1974, Jean-Paul Guerlain chose simplicity and pushed this Eau to perfection. Clear and luminous, it brings to mind the sunny region of Provence and fresh summer fountains.

Its bottle bears a constellation of 69 bees, the symbol of the Empire and the emblem of the Guerlain family of "Colognes". It can be customised upon request, hand-gilded and emblazoned with initials.


Aromatic Citrus.
Stimulating, bracing, bold.

Eau de Guerlain is a ray of sun that plunges into the crystal pure water of a torrent. It is a fresh, vibrant and sparkling eau: the smell of aromatic herbs blends with the tangy aroma of lemon, bergamot and verbena to evoke the sun-kissed region of Provence.


Lemon, thyme, undergrowth notes

perfumers secret

Unlike the other Cologne creations, Eau de Guerlain cannot be combined with your usual fragrance, as it has the trail and hold of an Eau Fraîche.

On special order, the iconic Bee bottle can also be used to hold your usual fragrance.