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Eau de Parfum's set (See 1/1)
Eau de Parfum's set (See 1/1)

La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Parfum's set

My perfume must-have



Why not offer the La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Parfum Intense 30ml in a unique box designed by the famous artist duo Kuntzel+Deygas.

It comes with a hand cream irresistibly velvety which enhances the skin with a delicately perfumed caress of black rose, patchouli, smoked tea.

Succumb to the floral trail of the Eau de Parfum Intense, fashioned with deliciously gourmand notes.


Gourmand Floral
Gourmand, Unforgettable, Surprising.
A brand new melody, in which the candyfloss accord is enhanced by vanilla and Bulgarian rose essence from the Guerlinade. A dash of bergamot paired with a blueberry note, reveals all of the fragrance’s energy. They are accompanied by soft white musk and a woody sandalwood-patchouli accord with a stunning sillage that makes the scent unforgettable.


Blueberry, Rose, Candyfloss note, Sandalwood

perfumers secret

Irresistibly chic and whirling, this Gourmand Floral deliciously blends a candyfloss note with the vanilla and Bulgarian rose of which Guerlain is so fond.