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Eau de Toilette (See 1/1)
Eau de Toilette (See 1/1)

Habit Rouge L'Eau Eau de Toilette

Elegance is the ultimate freedom



Lightened of its leathery notes, Habit Rouge L'Eau is a fresh and contemporary orchestration of the legendary Habit Rouge.

Created in 1965, Habit Rouge was the first oriental fragrance for men in perfumery. From the moment of its launch, this tribute to Guerlain's passion for the dressage of horses created an element of surprise with its scents of sensual and bold vanilla.
Habit Rouge incarnates a man who is enamoured of refinement and capable of all manner of audacity. He lives his life fervently and distinguishes himself with a trail of extreme sensuality.
With its modern geometry and mastery of form, Habit Rouge has an eternally elegant French appeal.


Citrus Oriental.
Fresh, luminous, modern.

Wafting bitter orange notes and the botanical freshness of the hazel tree note light up the fragrance. Then, an evanescent jasmine note shines with flawless transparency, before vanilla and patchouli create an enveloping trail.
Habit Rouge L'Eau, an exquisite duality between sensuality and freshness.


Haselnut branches notes, jasmine note, woody notes

perfumers secret

The original Habit Rouge fragrance adopts the alchemy of a stylised and modern freshness. Habit Rouge L'Eau puts the finery of the classic version back in the saddle, especially its fresh facets, highlighted and underpinned by unexpected new notes.